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WIT continues to be at the leading edge of introducing new technologies into the precision and custom machining processes. This is evident by the networking of our CNC machining centers which connect administration and engineering directly through network and DNC interfaces.

Some other strengths and capabilities include

  • Process engineering capability whereby the mechanical and  engineering  aspects of the product are analyzed in order to develop a  process which will be used to manufacture the customer required  finished part in the most efficient manner 
  • Our engineering department is able to receive customer part specification data in a number of different ways and formats such as EDI, internet & e-mail. We can also accept solid model and STEP files (Standard Technology for the Exchange of Products model data).
  • WIT Manufacturing utilizes many different engineering software packages such as Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire, KeyCreator and Mastercam.
  • Our Company has invested a significant portion of its capital budget into technology which helps us to maintain our manufacturing capabilities at the industry forefront. The engineering department is well staffed in terms of qualified personnel and capacity to process the flow of new orders
  • Several machining work cells have been developed to increase throughput while reducing WIP, lead-times and inventories.

 Some of the diverse customers we supply include:
  • Raytheon
  • Elcan Optical Technologies
  • Ontario Power Generation
  • Communications & Power Industries
  • ATS
  • Babcock & Wilcox
  • Harley Davidson
  • Dana Corporation
  • NCR
  • Flextronics

The Management of WIT Manufacturing has identified the following growth opportunities:

  • Growth in sales volumes by actively pursuing specific current customers industries including satellite communications, surveillance control systems, electronic packaging devices, consumer electronic parts, power generation components and customers in the defense & medical industries
  • Forming strategic alliances or arrangements with businesses to enhance our ability to supply our customers with complete assemblies
  • Expansion of the existing product offering to current customer’s national and international divisions
  • growth by initiating & implementing progressive strategies